Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blume Boys Brave Record Cold

Incredibly, M and R weathered an overnight campout in unheated Adirondack style shelters last night. It was definitely a record breaking survival event for them, as the weather report shows. Temperatures locally at the campsite were even colder than the official weather, with the mercury reading 5 degrees.

Marcel cooked chocolate chip pancakes in the 5 degree morning chill, while R bravely prepared frozen eggs and bacon together with his aptly named "Fridge Patrol" compatriots.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Muslims Hack Stereotaxis web site

W was surprised to see that the Stereotaxis website got hacked by some angry Muslims. The attack resulted in the web site looking like

before it was taken down.

A search on Google using the terms "casahack" and "StacOM" showed that this hacker had successfully attacked many websites.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

R Gets Letter Published

Renny was shocked to discover that his letter to the editor had been published in the Webster-Kirkwood Times.

The text of his letter was about a dog park

Dog Park In Webster?

I think in the open space next to City Hall, there should be a fenced-in dog park open to the public, complete with a shallow fountain for drinking, two fire hydrants and grass and trees.

Our society needs a small area to let individuals and their dogs socialize on an early Sunday morning. If this doesn't work out, instead I would like to have the middle section of Larson Park made into a fenced-in dog area.

Renny Blume
Boy Scout with Troop 300
Webster Groves