Monday, June 04, 2007

N and R Travel to France

N and R have begun a two week adventure in France and Belgium. They began their trip visiting Oncle Daniel and Tante Valerie. Off they went to the Eiffel tower to take some scuba lessons to prepare for next years trip to Seabase, and then they will go to Belgium for a few days before returning to Paris to do a weeks touring with R's French class.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Amazing Marcel breaks 18 minute barrier

Marcel ran to a new personal best in the 5K, smashing the 18 minute barrier with a 17:54 performance in the "Make Tracks for the Zoo" run. He was disappointed that he narrowly missed third place honors in his age group, as another runner beat him in a sprint to the finish, earning a stuffed monkey. The race used to be called the "Race for the Apes", but had been changed to the more boring name.

W also ran, turning in a respectable 26:38, with extremely consistent split times. He has never smashed any 18 minute barriers.