Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oma has Web page(s)

It has been discovered recently that Oma (Carola Blume) has a couple of nice web pages about her.

In addition to this web page, there is also a web page at the Volkshochschule Stuttgart.


A rough translation of the text there is:

Carola Blume was the leader of the women's division of the Volkshochschule Stuttgart from 1924 to 1933

Already during her graduate studies she had taken a special interest in career minded women. Her dissertation theme was "On the professional possibilities and interests of female youth"

This interest steered her work at the VHS Stuttgart, where she began leading the women's division in 1924. She wanted especially to give working women education. Therefore she went to factories and made contact with women. The outcome was that courses were offered in the factory or in the immediate neighborhood which were tuned to the interests of the female workers. Carola Blume was driven by the goals of the women's movement in the 19th century.

Carola had so much success with her concept, that a growing number of women began taking the courses. The women's division at VHS Stuttgart achieved international recognition.

In 1933, Carola Blume, who was a Jew, was dismissed. She emigrated in 1936 to California, where Anne Recknagel from the VHS Stuttgart met her again in 1985 {translator's note: I think Carola died before they actually met}

Carola Blume died in the summer of 1987. And in 1998, the newly formed Women's Academy of Stuttgart was named after her.