Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thieme's visit Missouri


Rainer & Andrea Thieme paid a visit to WNMR June 14-15th. They were vacationing across the US, on their way eventually to San Francisco. Braving uncertain weather, W & N went canoeing with them for the day on the Current River. A long rainy drive ended at the destination with the weather clearing up, a hopeful sign. As they embarked on their journey, the swollen river was dreamily foggy, and the surrounding wilds emerald green. After a visit to Pulltite spring, the quartet began to hear ominous rumblings behind and ahead of them. Eventually they found themselves paddling through a deluge complete with lightning strikes. As the tallest person in the group, Walter "lighning rod" Blume faced special risks as the group took a weather break at Sinking Creek campground. Despite this handicap, he still managed to maintain his hold on highly conductive beer cans when a bolt of lightning exploded much too closely over his head. Eventually the weather cleared, and the magical float down the river ended much too quickly, even if it did rain.
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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

W's Bike Stolen! W's Bike Recovered!!!

Coming back late from a bonfire, Marcel was chagrined to inform W that he believed W's bike to have been stolen that evening. M had parked it next to the house where the bonfire was and came back to find it missing.

The next morning, Marcel began some expert police work, suggesting a possible future career path. M made a list of all people that he could remember being at the bonfire, and then crossed off all the trustworthy individuals in this list, leaving just 3 possible suspects. He drove with his friend Wes and located the alleged scumbag riding W's bike around in circles in front of a second accomplice's house. The alleged bike thief alleged that he had allegedly found the alleged bicycle out in the middle of an alleged street and simply rode it home. Marcel was soon again in possession of W's bike and rode it back to its true home, where it now once again hangs safely in the basement.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Marcel Graduates!!


Triumphing over a last minute hurdle thrown down by his English teacher, Marcel summitted the peaks of Webster Groves High School and graduated with the class of 2009. Finally, he can now answer the proverbial provincial prototypical St Louis question: "So, what high school did you go to?"
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