Friday, November 24, 2006

Historic Visit By WMES

Perhaps embarrassed at being seen in Missouri, WMES (William, Margaret, Emily, and Stella) arrived in disguise to watch the annual Turkey Day Football Game, which Webster Groves won. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner followed with turkey and associated fixings. Earlier in the day, the visitors were kept busy by running in a three mile race through historic Kirkwood. W ran a personal best of 24:15, but Renny still finished two minutes ahead of him. Margaret and William and Nichole also managed to finish the race, running almost the entire distance, despite being unaccustomed to Missouri's harsh unforgiving weather.
Official race results

Renny Blume 22:47 104th place 21st in age group

Walter Blume 24:16 134th place 29th in age group

Nichole Blume 31:17 169th place 32nd in age group

Aunt Mag and Uncle Shag chose not to run down the "competitive" chute, so do not have official times.

Then, on Friday, the collective group visited the Arch for a traditional game of football, followed by lunch at the Crown Candy Kitchen and a visit to the awesome City Museum.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blumes Strike Back

In a two day assault, WNMR struck back at the fall leaf invasion. The back part of the yard required 27 tarp loads to clear on Saturday, and the side yard with its mere thirteen trees was conquered on Sunday with less than 20 tarp loads. Celebration was had by watching the extremely violent James Bond film and throwing Aerobies extremely long distances. A second triumph occured when Marcel's room was finally completely sanded and he was able to move his bed back in, setting the stage for a visit from Emily, Stella, Margaret, and William.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

W and N Blow it Big Time

W and N went to the movies Saturday night, finally pausing to relax together after a hectic day doing chores. W carefully switched his cell phone to vibrate, just in case he got a rare phone call. The movie was a rather overly hyped comedy making fun of people from Kazakhstan. After about 15 minutes W felt a vibration, and reaching for the phone noted that the number was not one that he recognized, so he decided to ignore it. But about 2 minutes later, the phone vibrated again, and this time it was Renny calling. Feeling extremely important to be called up during a movie, W hurried out to the lobby to see what could be so important. Renny calmly informed W that they had forgotten that Saturday night was the "Fortnightly" dance. This would not be so bad in itself, but W and N were responsible for dance cards. Dance cards inform the middle schoolers of their social fates for the evening, and W and N generate these cards approximately once a fortnight for approximately 100 middle schoolers. Despite W's best efforts at computerizing the process, it is never smooth, as middle schoolers are extremely unpredictable and tend to pop up even when they are supposed to RSVP.
W and N rushed out of the movie and back home. In the meantime R had expertly put on a tie and coat in preparation for the evening's events. R still managed to get three dances, despite being an hour late, and the show had gone on without the dance cards.

Seven Days Later...

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

W Completes Task Worthy of Sisyphus

W managed to briefly feel good about all the leaves he had raked up, but the trees purposely held on to a few for the next round...

4:15 p.m.

9:55 a.m.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

R symbolically illustrates house deal status

House deal falls through

The possible house that WNMR might have possibly purchased is no longer a possibility. Long discussions on the cell phone while driving to Iowa drove home the point. Many factors came into play, highest on the list being the slowing housing market and the heat of negotiations.

Halloween pumpkin burning tradition continues