Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Freeway Fans Nearly Nail Nichole

As Nichole was driving on the freeway today she noticed a truck in front of her with a large load of electric fans. Using her superb mother-vision, she began visualizing all the horrible things that might happen with the truck. Suddenly something actually did give way on the truck and all the fans came flying off in a flurry on the freeway, littering the lanes with obstacles. Nichole narrowly avoided an accident only thanks to her razor sharp reflexes and the thorough mental rehearsals she had made of various disaster scenarios.
The car immediately in front of her did hit a fan. N pulled over along with an off duty cop and watched and tried to help as the rest of the traffic tried to weave around all the fans. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Unflustered, N recovered to pick up an undamaged fan for the family, where it is now cooling off the Blume household.


Auntonia said...

Nice going, Nich! I laughed out loud reading that you managed to salvage a free fan out of the deal! So glad you weren't hurt!

Thomas said...

This is a FANtastic story! ;-)