Wednesday, October 26, 2005


After a long battle, victory has been declared over the washing machine. The washing machine had become so slow at filling that laundry sessions were becoming epic in nature. After attempting once to figure out how to open the back of the washing machine, W had pretty much decided that he wanted no part of the frustration inherent in attempting a repair, and was ready to buy a new washer. N remained unconvinced and spoke with some friends who advised her to buy a highly corrosive substance called CLR that is used to decalcify the supply lines. W knew that this was no time to desert from the battlefront, so he resumed his struggle with the back cover of the washer. Eventually the back cover yielded to reveal the relays controlling water input valves. W removed and soaked the offending parts in CLR, but to no avail. The part, when reinstalled produced the same slow trickle of water as before. W then turned to cyberspace and found a place that sold valves for 20 year old Whirlpool washing machines. Two days later the part arrived, and miraculously, it actually fit in the washing machine, although it looked quite different from the original. But even better, the washing machine now gushes effusively on all three settings: cold, hot, and warm.

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