Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shock, Anger as Neighbors Raze Fence

With absolutely no warning, the eastern neighbors of WNMR removed the fence that had been dividing the properties. The fence had stood for over 10 years, and served the vital purpose of keeping Bingo from terrorizing the neighborhood.The only foreshadowing of the incident was the request of the neighbors for W & N to sign a permanent easement agreement to allow access to repair the fence. W & N had replied that no easement was necessary, they had no problem to allow access for repair of the fence. The next thing they knew, two men appeared and removed the fence completely. Apparently the easement was required to sell the house, and this was their way of solving the problem. So suddenly the eastern border of the Blume estate is fenceless, and W&N are pondering the next steps, feeling quite violated, as the fence apparently had been on their property.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Perhaps they don't know who they are dealing with????
Maybe you should send Bingo over there...
Or perhaps they are planning to install a beautiful mahagony or teak replacement fence??