Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Redbud Tree Narrowly Misses House

While W was talking on the phone to Grandma Harriet, W heard something that sounded like a closet rumbling. N was reading an e-mail in the back room and thought at first that a gutter had fallen off the house (it had been raining most of the day). As N peered out the window, she gradually realized that the redbud tree in the backyard had fallen down, narrowly missing the room that she was in. N began to laugh as she noted that the tree had fallen down perfectly. It had not destroyed her freshly planted tomato plants, nor had it torn a hole in the house. It had not even crushed the fence. The 30 foot section of the tree had in fact missed the house by mere inches. The tree appeared to have rotted or been eaten a bit by termites. There was still some tree remaining, but it will have to be cut down.

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Margaret said...

Hey there
So glad that you are back to writing the Blog. And so glad that the Redbud MISSED your house. What luck!Pleae take photos of the disaster.