Thursday, September 07, 2006

Marcel Places First in Webster Invitational

M raced to a new personal best of 18:59 while winning first place in the Junior Varsity division of the Webster Invitational (15 high schools). Starting in the middle of the pack, M moved to the front by the first mile and never trailed thereafter. M managed to shake his nearest pursuer and finished with a comfortable lead of perhaps 75-100 feet. M commented that he was glad that he fell the previous week, since it gave him a chance to run in JV and actually have a chance to win a race. Webster Groves won first place team honors in the JV division, as several other Webster runners placed in the top 10.

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Margaret said...

Comment to Marcel:That is amazing! First out of fifteen high schools! Your aunt is mighty impressed by your fleet feet. Comment to Editor: Running 18:59 at any time is an amazing feat to me, but you didn't mention how long the actual race was. I am assuming it was about 20 miles right?