Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Excellent Xmas

It was an extremely excellent Xmas, because Grandma Harriet and Auntonia visited their Missouri kinfolk in St Louis. A new gas stove was installed by W and his friend Duke, just in time for Xmas eve dinner. Dinner featured salmon mousse, filet Americain, and excellent chocolate pudding cake. The night before Christmas, feverish work on an extremely difficult and frustrating jigsaw puzzle of Zion National Park was completed. Accompanied by a Ben Stokes soundtrack, the puzzle team Marcel documented the proceedings in a highlights film. This accomplishment seemed to excite the puzzle instinct and work began on another ambitious Statue of Liberty puzzle that was also completed. Auntonia was impressed by the free art museum, and W had forgotten the nice collection upstairs, so he enjoyed the works with new freshness.

At some point it was decided to visit the Laumeier sculpture park. W being W, had to search for a geocache as well.

Auntonia enjoys her sole nephews

Grandma with her favorite sculpture

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