Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thieme's visit Missouri


Rainer & Andrea Thieme paid a visit to WNMR June 14-15th. They were vacationing across the US, on their way eventually to San Francisco. Braving uncertain weather, W & N went canoeing with them for the day on the Current River. A long rainy drive ended at the destination with the weather clearing up, a hopeful sign. As they embarked on their journey, the swollen river was dreamily foggy, and the surrounding wilds emerald green. After a visit to Pulltite spring, the quartet began to hear ominous rumblings behind and ahead of them. Eventually they found themselves paddling through a deluge complete with lightning strikes. As the tallest person in the group, Walter "lighning rod" Blume faced special risks as the group took a weather break at Sinking Creek campground. Despite this handicap, he still managed to maintain his hold on highly conductive beer cans when a bolt of lightning exploded much too closely over his head. Eventually the weather cleared, and the magical float down the river ended much too quickly, even if it did rain.
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