Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nichole scores birdie!

WNMR played nine holes of golf today. N scored an impressive birdie on the 9th hole with a tee shot that landed about 6 feet from the hole. W hit one very high shot in which the ball embedded itself in the green, and generally played well, scoring five pars. M and R earned $1.25 each, as W, in the tradition of his father would pay his kids a quarter for each par. M also scored his own par, earning an extra quarter.


Margaret said...

Funny, I do not recall that Dad gave us each a quarter for every par. Could this have been just something he did for the boys? Tonia, what is your take on this???

Auntonia said...

I never got quarters for pars, but then, I also never went golfing with Dad.

Daniel said...

Yes, I got some quarters too, but not that many because Dad didn't get too many pars.

I really want to try golfing again at Christmas. Walter, whatever you or we have to do to get Nichole to go along with this, we should do.

Walter said...

Nichole is pretty easy to convince to play golf. She is a regular golfer now. Maybe she will bring her "Pings" along, but it's extra cost on the plane. Maybe we can stuff all our golf clubs in one bag to save money.
Surfboards cost $50, but golf clubs are only $25, or so I hear.

by the way we're planning to go to Mexico and Universal studios also, but not all in one day. But maybe Mexico and Laguna beach all in one day so that we cram as much as possible in. Do they play golf in Mexico :-)? Actually San Diego has tons of good courses. Since you will be very jet lagged we can get up super early and tee off at 6 a.m. at the Pala Mesa golf club.