Sunday, August 28, 2005


A sudden yell from Renny that he had stapled his thumb prompted Walter to slowly look over to see what joke R was playing this time. R stared in shocked horror at the staple embedded in his thumb, meanwhile N moved much quicker and jerked the staple out in heroic fashion. R noted two small red dots underneath his fingernail from the staple going all the way through his thumb. Being a growing boy, R recovered rapidly from his wounds and was last seen happily playing with a staple gun that W cluelessly bought after the incident.


Margaret said...

what? no photo of the stapled thumb?

Walter said...

This is Walter's wife making a comment: I did not "jerk" the staple out, but, rather, calmly but quickly and gently removed the staple which was deeply embedded in the fleshy portion of Ren's thumb.